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Investment Options

One of our primary purposes as advisors is to help you construct a well-balanced portfolio from the thousands of investment options available. We do not receive any sales-based commissions for helping you make investment choices nor do we have contractual business relationships obligating us to pitch particular investments to you. This frees us to provide independent, objective advice with only your best interest in mind.

The three firms below rank highly among the many investment managers we often recommend. They are grounded in the science of investing, not the allure of speculation. They invest methodically, not instinctively. We highlight these firms as a starting point in the continual discussions we will have with you as your investment counsel.

DFA logo
Dimensional Fund Advisors

Our Investment Philosophy aligns well with that of Dimensional Fund Advisors ("DFA"), an independently owned firm with over 30 years' experience managing diversified portfolios.

DFA is one of the largest institutional fund managers in the world. They have earned this distinction through practical application of financial research and economic theory, low trading costs and management fees, and the ability to create and customize globally diversified stock and fixed income portfolios using their funds.

DFA funds are generally available only through select advisory firms such as ours. We have helped clients understand and invest in DFA funds for over 15 years. Our professionals are well versed in the culture, history and quantitative underpinnings of the investments of Dimensional Fund Advisors.

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The fund managers at Vericimetry seek to deliver an outstanding investment experience to long-term investors.

Vericimetry is creating funds that capture persistent attributes of specific asset classes. For example, Vericimetry's US Small Cap Value Fund is a no-load, open-ended mutual fund with a mandate to invest solely in domestic small and value securities. The fund's small size relative to DFA and Vanguard's domestic small-value offerings enables Vericimetry to target this asset class with unique precision, providing investors a smaller and deeper value risk premium exposure than its larger counterparts.

Vericimetry, like DFA, works with like-minded, fee-only investment advisors who act as fiduciaries for their clients. We believe that "fee transparency" is critical to ensuring the fiduciary relationship. Vericimetry's long-term goal is to become the premier passive investment boutique, delivering long-term capital appreciation through quantitatively crafted portfolios of small-value and small-growth traded securities in the US and around the world. Thus, we envision the Vericimetry suite of funds as a more complete portfolio solution for professional advisors such as Tillman Hartley.

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Vanguard is the world's largest investment management company managing more than $2.25 trillion in mutual fund assets, including more than $285 billion in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). The firm offers more than 160 funds to U.S. investors and more than 80 additional funds in non-U.S. markets. Vanguard is owned by its member funds meaning all efficiencies and cost savings revert back to fund shareowners. This unique corporate structure gives Vanguard funds an expense edge over most other mutual funds and ETFs.

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