“Prosperity across generations”

A Message from Our Founder

[Michael photo]

Our mission is to help successful people understand and manage their wealth so they can accomplish their goals and spend their time on what’s important to them.

As a practicing estate planning attorney for over twenty years, I helped clients establish estate plans that were adaptable and built to last. Occasionally the investment management didn’t match the goals our careful planning sought to achieve. These challenges motivated me to develop a better business model to help achieve all, not part of my clients’ planning needs.

Over time I have become more selective in the people I work with, hence our clear definition of ideal clients and professional business partners. We work in a competitive industry where many firms are vying for “market share” and “client assets under management.” As a businessman, I want to grow my practice and create jobs but I routinely turn down business when I feel my firm cannot deliver its very best. Our goal is not to grow large or fast but intelligently—one client at a time and without sacrificing the quality of our research and client-oriented decision making. I would never want our work culture to change or quality to slip at the expense of growth. When you call Tillman Hartley you will speak with someone who loves what they do and the team they work with, and who genuinely looks forward to speaking with you.

2022 marks our 24th year in business. Our qualifications, experience and dedication separate us from other firms but, most importantly, we are fun to work with! I invite both potential clients and professional partners to discover the capabilities and personalities of our team. Together we can prosper as individuals, firms and families.

Sincerely, Michael G. Tillman

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