Financial Planning

Successful estate and financial planning requires skilled implementation and ongoing monitoring, adjustment, and adaptation. Sound, customized, long-term financial planning is a cornerstone of our process at Tillman Hartley. We consider your goals and needs, capacity and tolerance for financial risk, and anticipated income and expenses to create a detailed projection we call a Lifetime Cashflow Model. This model becomes a powerful tool for selecting appropriate investments, evaluating major financial questions, and helping you achieve the lasting comfort that comes from understanding your complete financial picture.

If you need help

  • determining the best time to retire
  • funding major purchases
  • deciding how much to save and how to pay for your family’s education
  • identifying a sustainable lifestyle after the sale of a business
  • exercising stock options
  • diversifying low basis stock
  • investing a financial windfall

then you’ve found just a few good uses for our planning services.

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