Wealth Management

As you have accumulated wealth, your financial life has become more complex.  We distill that complexity for you to inspire confidence, and manage the details so you can focus on what matters to you. 


A successful investing experience begins with an accurate baseline, clear goals, and a detailed plan to navigate from one to the other. Successful investing is a key to turning your most important financial goals into reality.


We want you to feel confident in understanding your plan, and secure knowing the details are well managed.  

Wealth management can mean wildly different things among advisors. As a Tillman Hartley wealth management client, you can count on:

  • Financial Planning – We build a Lifetime Cash Flow Model to model money earned and spent over your lifetime. This custom model serves as our crystal ball and proves invaluable to answering big financial questions like “can I retire now” or “can we afford this vacation home?”
  • Portfolio Management – We create, implement, and manage custom investment portfolios designed with your goals, needs, and risk tolerance in mind.
  • Tax Planning – Tax-efficient investing is only the beginning. We help with maximizing retirement savings opportunities, tax-optimized charitable gifting strategies, inter-generational planning, and more. We coordinate with your CPA or tax preparer to free you from hassle, minimize tax liability from your investments, and position you to benefit from changes in tax law.
  • Estate Planning – We recommend planning adjustments as laws or your situation change, and opportunities arise.
  • Charitable Planning – We advise on tax-efficient, impactful philanthropic strategies for individuals, private foundations, and public charities.
  • Insurance Analysis – We review and advise on insurance strategies.
  • Debt Management – We consider your financial liabilities and make recommendations where improvements can be made.
  • Education – We love smart, educated clients and are eager to share our knowledge when you have financial questions.

You need thoughtful, timely, and actionable advice on these important topics.  If you do not get that now, take the first step towards financial confidence by contacting us today. 

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