Multi-Family Office

A family office provides a comprehensive custom suite of financial and legal services to an individual or family. A multi-family office leverages the needs and experiences of several families to efficiently provide these services to a broader audience. Since 1998 Tillman Hartley has collaborated with estate planning attorneys and accountants to better serve our mutual clients. Our collaborative approach provides clients with a single point of contact while improving communication and coordination among team members.  Our Family Board of DirectorsTM model builds upon your existing trusted advisors to incorporate the skills and expertise needed to help you reach your stated goals.

Our clients wish to provide financial support for the education of their children and grandchildren, they wish to enjoy retirement without financial stress, they wish to support charitable causes, and they wish to leave something meaningful behind for future generations. Accomplishing these goals requires much more than a well-managed portfolio. We integrate investment advice; estate, charitable, and tax planning; and a variety of time and headache-saving administrative and specialty solutions to provide seamless, comfortable, and comprehensive wealth management.


  • Coordination between family participants and synergy among professional advisors
  • Simplification of complex intra-family transactions and tax strategies
  • Discipline to follow through on important plans
  • Accountability to your expressed goals
  • Empowerment of heirs to find a deeper meaning in their wealth and make wise decisions
  • Enlightenment about financial issues and opportunities through a focus on education
  • Comfort through consensus building, dialogue, collaboration, and trust

Just as every family has different dynamics and needs, each Family Board of Directors is built to provide a unique family office solution. Schedule a call today to explore how your family might benefit.

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